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The role of a school counselor is vital to the success of students of all ages, from elementary school to college. These specialized counselors have a positive impact on the students they work with. They help their young charges gain a stronger understanding of themselves and their potential.
A school counselor acts as a dependable, informative mentor and guide, typically for a vibrant community of students with diverse individual personalities, interests, and future plans. These compassionate professionals work with youth to help students set reasonable and realistic academic, social, and career goals; create the strategies needed to fulfill those goals; and develop the necessary skills for success. 

School counselors work one-on-one with students of all ages, performing a range of assessments to pinpoint their strengths and to uncover any areas in need of improvement. With younger students, counselors are charged with additional responsibilities that include safeguarding the health and wellness of the children, and reporting suspected cases of abuse or neglect. 

At every level, becoming a school counselor is an opportunity to contribute to the positive growth and development of an entire generation. School counselors often take pride in their career accomplishments, and with good reason—they are a driving force behind the success of their communities, and society as a whole.