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PTA Executive Committee  


A school caters to the educational needs of the community and there should be healthy co-operation between the school and the community. To bring about harmony and co-ordination between the home and the school, we have initiated Parent – Teacher Association (PTA). It  not only serves as a link between teachers and community, but also helps establishing a healthy rapport between teachers, school and parents with a view to create better educational environment, ultimately resulting in better academic and co-curricular achievements by the students.

  • The Parent – Teacher Association (PTA) will endeavor towards the following objectives:
  • To promote, maintain and develop opportunities for the harmonious development of the children.
  • To assist school in solving the collective problem of the parents.
  • To assist the school and its staff in solving the general and individual problems of the children.
  • To take cognizance of various fee rates like Tuition fee, Term fee, Annual Activity Charges, Lab charges, Students Welfare fund, etc

Guidelines & Important Pointers

  • Parent member having two / three children in school, once nominated for a class will not be eligible to be nominated again.
  • In working towards the objectives the PTA will be guided by the Management of the School and with the underlying principle of ensuring that all actions are in the best interest of the students without compromising the long term interest of the school.
  • The PTA will only confine itself to such activities as permissible under the objectives.
  • It would be distinctly understood that the PTA as well as its individual members shall scrupulously refrain from interfering with the day to day administration of the school.
  • 10% of PTA members must be present at the meeting to be able to conduct PTA business. PTA cannot proceed with an activity or program if there are not enough members present to vote on the proposal.
  • 50% of PTA members shall necessarily be the female members.

Guidelines for process of electing Parent Class Representative

  • Parents are requested to follow the given schedule.
  • They are to meet the Class Teacher in the class room and sign their attendance.
  • Class teacher will explain the procedure.
  • Parents can volunteer to be Class Representatives. Male or female member will be informed by the class teacher.
  • Parents will cast their votes in the class room.
  • Results shall be announced as soon as the counting is over.
  • Parents are requested to wait for results to be announced.
  • A circular for meeting of elected parents shall be sent in due course.


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